First blog post


postThe tin boat drifted,

The sand was sifted,

The sun shone bold and bright,

Showing off it’s fiery might,

The wind drifted away,

People littered the beach throughout the day,

Red, white, yellow too,

But nothing as good as the great blue,

It sparkled and danced,

It leaped and pranced,

The sea so big and blue,

Shares it’s love with me and you,

đŸ„ Xx




Goodbye (Kayla)

I called Kai to Deadman’s cliff for one sole reason; I was going to say goodbye. Dad wanted to take me to a psychologist and the police were going to find me eventually. I just wanted to leave and join my mum in heaven. On second thoughts, I was probably going to hell. I laughed, the first time in months.

I got into my dad’s silver Ford and drove up to Deadman’s cliff. All the way I thought of Kai, his shaggy blonde hair and his soft lips. I would miss him I thought but the pain of living is so much more. When I arrived, I saw him straight away. I couldn’t restrain myself and rushed over and started kissing him. It felt great, my lips needed this salvation.

Suddenly, the happiness evaporated. I was here for one thing and one thing only. To die.

“I love you,” I cried and to finish, I ran straight off the edge of the cliff. At first my arms failed about, but I slowly grew accustomed to the falling sensation and when I hit the water I was dead.

Darkness overwhelmed me.

“Goodbye,” I whispered.

Goodbye (Kai)

“Kayla asked me to come to Deadman’s cliff. I have no idea why. Why me you may ask. Well, I’ve been Kayla’s boyfriend for years and even as she was going crazy I stuck by her. Although, don’t tell her that,” I sighed trudging up to the wet grass on Deadman’s cliff. I looked down and shrunk back, my long blonde hair getting in the way. I sigh and slide under a tree not caring about my ugly designer jeans. That drop was deadly.

“Hey,” called Kayla. My, she looked horrible, her hair was a mess and she shrunk back into her clothes like she didn’t want to be seen. She took one look at me huddled there and rushed at me and we were kissing like we never had before. Time stopped, days passed yet we were frozen together. Kayla finally looked up at me with her big doe eyes and I grinned. I’d been waiting for ages. No call or text, I had begun to think she was dead.

“I love you,” she cried, tears streaming down her face. She looked at me passionately and then stood up, brushing her hair back away from her slightly shrunken face.

“What are you doing?” I questioned a second too late as she leapt forwards and sprinted off Deadman’s cliff.

“KAYLA! NOOOOOOOO!” my one and only girlfriend has just committed suicide right in front of me. I sob, tears streaming. I stop. What the hell am I going to tell her dad? I peer over the cliff yet nothing is there, not one tiny speck of Kayla

“Goodbye,” I whisper for one last time.

Knock Knock

Knock knock . . .

“Hello?” I called. I was alone at home, completely and utterly alone. Not one person with me. I was defenceless and had no-one to protect me, not this time. I switched off the light and curled up silently in the corner. My fight or flight instincts kicked in. I struggled to remain still, the blood pounding fiercely in my head. They’d found me. I knew I never should of hurt that small kid. My hands started twitching as I remember the pouring blood, never stopping. I remember the piercing call of the sirens as they drew closer. I found my humanity then and there, looking at the horrendous sight before me. The boy was covered in deep gashes all over his small body. I ran so fast not even the speed of light could catch me. I shudder, returning to present time. I finally work up enough courage to tiptoe over to the door and I throw it open with a bang. I fall to my knees and beg forgiveness.

“Um, Kayla. What the hell are you doing?”says a stern voice.

I look up. It’s my father.


Knock Knock . . .